Are Trans-Foraminal Lumbar Injections Better Than Interlaminar Epidural Injections?

Epidural steroid injections are a very effective treatment for pain management and patients with radiculopathy due to nerve root inflammation Best place to Buy Sarms. Placing steroid medication around the nerve root that is either being compressed from a herniated disc or chemically inflamed can help significantly with pain reduction and potentially surgery avoidance. They do not “fix” the problem, they simply reduce the inflammation, thereby reducing pain.

When a patient receives an epidural steroid injection, the pain relief that is the result may allow that individual to then perform physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and/or undergo spinal decompression treatment Liquid sarms for sale. Prior to the injection, the patient may be in so much pain that it may not be possible to participate in these treatments.

Most studies on epidural steroid injections that have been performed involved the interlaminar approach with the injections. The newer type of injections, referred to as trans-foraminal, have not been the subject of a heavy amount of research Rad 140 for sale. A lot of the initial research on epidural steroid injections was done with the inter-laminar variation of the injections.