Blogs and Social Networking Sites

Personal blogs give a cathartic vent to the blogger and he has the liberty to express his point of view freely without succumbing to any external pressures. Leave alone the cathartic perspective; personal blog has become a great medium through which one can share a lot of knowledge and valid experiences with the visitors in the blog.

And similarly social networking sites have caught up with majority of the internet mongers and we find that each person has a public profile in more than two or three online social networks. Through this medium too one could share his or her knowledge with their followers. But incorporating blogs into social network has its own advantages.

By signing up with a social network site, you could also get a free blog site with the help of which you can provide or share information with your friends perhaps regarding your online business or products or anything of your choice. Blogs and social networking sites have indeed attained a status of being very effective internet marketing strategies through which people could attract a lot of traffic to their website or enhance their prominence on the web. When free blogs are a part of benefit that a member of a social website gets, one can have best of both the worlds