What is Blogging – Clearing the Confusion on Blogging

Blogging has become so popular not only to teenagers but also to adults as well. Writers also love having blog sites because they do not have to get their works published by editors https://theteentalk.com/. Writers can freely publish whatever is on their minds, except for obscenity and other offensive remarks, and they can do it any time of the day, but what is blogging?

To really understand what is blogging, it is always best to begin with the etymology of the word. Blog is a contraction of a word: weblog. A blog site is also a website that has several web pages. A blog is maintained by a single person (or perhaps several if it is a group blog) for the purpose of publishing literature, personal thoughts, commentaries, photos, videos, and music.

Blogs do not end in personal use or as online journals only. Blogs are also used by companies as a means of reaching out to their employees. Other than this, blog sites are also used for other media services and can also be as extensive as to allow visitors to leave their comments on the entries.